You'll be working in a small design team, directly with our clients, co-creating digital products that are useful and look awesome.

You'll be learning how to make the best use of design tools (like Figma, Sketch, Invision and Abstract) while you will implement Design Systems for our clients.

You’ll learn:

  • How digital design processes go in the real world
  • How design thinking methods and workshops are used to creating the best user experience

You’ll work on:

  • Design digital products with the latest tools and technologies
  • Setup and maintain design systems
  • Interactive prototypes (in Figma)
  • Presenting your work to clients and users and gather feedback.


  • Well organized
  • Know your way around Sketch  / Figma
  • Good communication skills
  • Know the basics of digital design (know your way around responsive design, optimizing imagery, font usage, grid systems etc.)
  • Have a relevant Education (CMD / UX / Design) mbo, hbo


Send your portfolio / motivation and your CV to